Ella Es

We are a community of women committed to elevating both our professional and personal lives. Our mission is to inspire and motivate latinas to reach their highest dreams and aspirations.

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Self Initiated Project


Brand Identity
Research & Strategy
Business Plan
Copy Writing
Web Design & Development
Content Creation

Project Overview

Ella Es is a self-initiated project that I embarked on with my best friend. Growing up in a Latin American community, we both recognized the absence of role models within professional settings. Even today, young women face challenges in pursuing their goals in predominantly male-dominated environments. "Ella Es," meaning "She Is" in Spanish, seeks to offer tangible resources, mentorship, and a supportive community for Latina women. Our goal is to empower and uplift the next generation of Latinas as they navigate their paths to success.

Establishing a Connection

To effectively connect with my audience, I decided to create a website that resonates with their values and aspirations. I established a comprehensive yet expansive layout that is easy to navigate, allowing for exploration through it’s different sections and resources.

A Seamless Experience

Through the use of components, injected code snippets, cms collections, and native animations, I was able to create a seamless experience adaptable to all screens and sizes for better, enhancing accessibility and overall user experience.

A Vibrant Identity

The visual system employed is vibrant and uplifting. Opting for bright and feminine colors such as pink, lavender, salmon, and yellow. I later extended these into gradients to serve as flexible canvases for both the web experience and social media presence.

A Broader Vision

Beyond design, this project allowed me to flex my writing skills through content development and blog post creation. As I mentioned earlier, this passion project marks just the beginning of cultivating a lifelong community that will serve women throughout Latin America.