Sana is here to revolutionize our understanding of health via the efficacy of real food in a field dominated by strong medications and short-term solutions.


ArtCenter College of Design


Brand Identity
Research & Strategy
Business Plan
Concept Development
Marketing Campaign

Project Overview

Sana is the most cutting-edge, individualized dietary approach for curing chronic diseases. The brand's mission is to empower people to take control of their health and fight their underlying diseases with the power of nutrition. Through sana, I aim to educate people about the science behind nutrition and provide them with the resources and step-by-step protocols they need to live a healthier, happier life.

The Solution

I've crafted a visual approach that sets itself apart from other healthcare brands by emphasizing the critical role of nutrition in conquering disease. The color palette, featuring red, black, and nude tones, in contrast with the texture based photographic approach of zoomed in skin and human cells, act as a visual code, vividly representing the presence of illness.

A Scientific Approach

Given that the brand relies on health protocols backed by scientific research, I opted for a typographic hierarchy reminiscent of medical books and trials. This choice aims to position the brand as not just trustworthy but also empowering, mirroring the credibility of its health protocols.

A Harmonious System

The brand will primarily exist online, where it will share health protocols and information with its users. The system's flexibility enables the brand to work seamlessly on both web and mobile platforms. By harmoniously blending color, typography, imagery, and icons, the design effectively conveys the brand's mission.

An Engaging Experience

To boost brand awareness, I created a Pop-Up event at Venice Beach, offering visitors a chance to experience red light therapy in exchange for signing up for the platform. To amplify the impact, I designed the structure using LED screens to display an immersive video that encouraged people to engage with the space and spread the word.