The Global Union Org.

The Global Union is a one of a kind global economic and political organization that provides a world citizen passport to skilled individuals, allowing them to live and work wherever they choose.

The Global Union Org

ArtCenter College of Design


Brand Identity
Research & Strategy
Business Plan
Concept Development
Marketing Campaign

Project Overview

The Global Union is a for-profit organization that seeks to establish a worldwide system granting skilled talent to work anywhere around the world, creating a global workforce.The Union is tailored to meet the unique needs of an ever-changing global economy, allowing qualified individuals that meet the Union criteria to apply for a World Citizen Passport. As an organization that exudes inclusivity and hopefulness, I decided to create a brand and strategy that would resonate and endure.

Global Union

The Solution

My solutions aims to foster collaboration and inclusiveness within the nations by positioning the organization at the forefront of change. The revolving logo displays the brand's values as it utilizes different languages, it unifies all nations in support of progress and collaboration for global citizens.

The Business Model

The infinity loop business plan supports the brand's mission to promote economic growth and human wellbeing worldwide. In this way, a percentage of the proceeds gathered by the applications will be donated to the countries where these applicants come from in support of their education systems. Through this approach, both underdeveloped and developed countries gain value and strength, allowing us to build a more prosperous world.

Finding Inspiration in Passport Design

Through extensive study, I applied the unique visual language of passport design to inspire the Global Union's branding. A set of colorful and intricate geometric patterns communicate a range of emotionality, while unique icons specify the professional industry in which the global citizen belongs to. In regards to typography, I drew inspiration from my own Venezuelan passport and applied its unique typographic hierarchy throughout the Union’s visual system, expressing reliability and power within the brand.  

Letting Citizens Take Center Stage

To better connect with the audience, I adopted a photographic approach centered around portraits of people from around the world, and used these as the main focus for the first set of promotional posters that will launch the inauguration of the Union at a global scale. In this way, I aimed to encourage our diverse audience to envision themselves becoming global citizens too. 

A Flexible System

In order to test the flexibility of the system, I applied it across a range of mediums including web, print, and other collateral. The cohesive integration of color, typography, imagery, and iconography in all these elements effectively communicates an inspiring and exciting solution.

The Pursuit of Freedom

Concluding the project, I crafted a marketing video featuring footage of footsteps from different individuals and places, symbolizing a collective journey in pursuit of freedom and hope.